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Light App Help

Read on the go by learning how to use and resolve issues for the Light app.

Setup and Registration

Install or Update the Light App on Your Computer
Install or Update the Light App on Android
Install or Update the Light App on iOS
Deregister Your Desktop Light App
Deregister Your Android Light App
Deregister Your iOS Light App
What is Light Cloud Reader?

Buy and Remove Light Content

Buy Books for Your Desktop Light App
Buy Books on Your Android Light App
Buy Books for Your iOS Light App
Receive a Refund for a Light Book Order
Learn About Light Endless
Cancel a Light Endless Subscription
Remove Books from Your Desktop Light App
Remove Books from Your Mobile Light App

Sync and Manage Light Content

Download Books to Your light App
Light Books Aren’t Showing in Your Library
Sync Your Desktop Light App
Sync Your Mobile Light App
Enable Chattersync for Light Books
Turn on Chattersync for Your Android Light App
Turn On Chattersync for Your iOS Light App


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Terms & Conditions

Worldoftoysandgames Device Terms, Warranties, and Notices and Light Reading App Terms and Notices