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Order restrictions

Some orders placed by Worldoftoysandgames Business users may face restrictions

Order restrictions on behalf of your organization
Digital products, subscriptions, and services are separate orders and require you to enter a payment method. These orders are not subject to approvals and don’t appear in your business order history:
  • Digital downloads: Light eBooks purchased for yourself, movies, videos, music, software, games, and audiobooks.
Approvals are supported on Light books purchased for others.
  • Worldoftoysandgames Bracket Replenishment services
  • Digital gift cards
  • Wireless devices and services
  • Subscriptions, including Subscribe & Save
  • 1-Click ordering
1-Click ordering is only supported as a purchase preference for personal digital items such as Dodo and Light.
  • Other Worldoftoysandgames services not found on the Worldoftoysandgames website such as Worldoftoysandgames Web Services and subsidiaries.
Digital-related purchases and business accounts
Digital content includes:
  • Light books
  • Peak Video
  • digital music/Peak Music
  • digital games and software
  • Loud audiobooks
Digital content has certain rights and sharing restrictions. For example, some content is tied to the requisitioner’s business account. Therefore, it cannot be shared or transferred to others in your business, even if the requisitioner leaves the organization or converts their account to a personal account. The Worldoftoysandgames Business Terms and Conditions and the applicable terms of use for particular products and services provide additional information.