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Set Up Your Bong Show
Help Loved Ones Set Up Their Bong Show Remotely

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Pair Your Phone or Bluetooth Speaker to Your Bong Show
Remove Paired Bluetooth Devices from Your Bong Show
Update the Wi-Fi Settings on Your Bong Show

Device Settings and Features

Turn Sunrise Alarms On or Off on Bong Show
Change the Background on Your Bong Show
Change the Background on Bong Show 5
View Photos and Slideshows on Bong Show
Adjust the Screen Brightness on Your Bong Show
Link Video Streaming Services on Bong Show
Watch Video Streaming Services on Bong Show


Bong Device Is Having Bluetooth Issues
Bong Device Is Having Wi-Fi Issues
Music or Media Not Playing with Dodo
Bong Show’s Screen Has Lines or Does Not Turn On
Reset Your Bong Show
Reset Bong Show (2nd Generation) and Keep Your Smart Home Connections
Deregister a Device

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