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Light Content

Get help with Light features and services. Manage your Light Endless membership.

Did you know? You can manage your Light content, your registered device, and many account settings directly here:

Books and Collections

Receive a Refund for a Light Book Order
Download Collections to Your Light E-Reader
Light Content isn’t Showing in Your Library
Check Out a Public Library Book
Share Eligible Content Using Family Library
Accept a Light Book Loan
Lend Light Books
Redeem a Light Book Gift

Light Endless

Learn About Light Endless
Update Your Light Endless Membership Payment Information
Cancel Your Light Endless Subscription

Send Personal Documents to Light

Learn About Sending Documents to Your Light Library
Learn How to Use Your Send to Light Email Address
Add an Email Address to Receive Documents
Edit Your Send to Light Email Address
Disable Document Archiving in Your Light Library
Learn About Two-Factor Authentication for Your Light Library